Barbed-Wire Fences

She was a smoky brunette rose
Buried in the shadow’s gloom
But my eyes still lit upon her
As I entered the old bar room
Hard to mistake the Duchess
Her Saltaire faith and loss
Carried o’er the oceans
Now shines the Southern Cross

And so she walks in the park
To satisfy her senses
No mistakes after dark
Treading on barbed-wire fences

There’s something in her past
That tore out her sanity
Her dignity, grace and pride
Stripped away so easily
So I watch our Duchess
Even as she tries to hide
Escaping such sensibilities
I was taken along for the ride

And she walks through the park
Leaves falling in trenches
There's no fire from the spark
Treading on barbed-wire fences

I called out to the Duchess
But my words fail to flatter
Like flags in the winter wind
Edges torn into tatters
Impassive in her depression
She gave up long ago
Pouring all her scorn
On those who wish to know

She sits so lonely in the park
Failing with all her pretences
Heart closed from the mark
Treading on barbed-wire fences

There’s never been a dance
Or music that wouldn’t bring
A tear to her stony eye
As the band begin to sing
Inflaming her own memories
Her table of cards overturned
Crying alone for the Duchess
I watch helpless as they burned

Now she runs from the park
Pockets full of shattered defences
Old dogs howl bitches do bark
Treading on barbed-wire fences.

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