Stumbling through the mechanical skeletons
Strewn carelessly and liberally o'er the field
Like a macabre machinery graveyard
Abandonment was evident and rife
Rust, that acid death of alkaline life
Insidious and omnipresent
Upon every exposed metallic bone
Protruding from earthen sleep

I could but wonder at the life
Such precision had engineered
Relentless toil had employed
And progress had made redundant
Shapeless nightmares harnessed
Two abreast with daytime dreams
As I rummaged through the debris
Of well worn history tossed aside

Turning now to bands of sunlight
Racing 'cross fields like ethereal hounds
Forever unremitting in the chase
Tireless in their gain-less pursuit
Twixt the silence and the stillness
Therein lies the imperceptible
Yet so forcefully apparent
Sweetness of an anti-urban day.

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