Compost Sentiments

It was a hard, cold, windswept day,
As I stood out in the yard,
Parting was such sweet sorrow,
The day reflected my mood,

I took the drying roses,
That you gave me yesterday,
I dropped them quietly on the heap,
Of rotting weeds and silent dreams,

It wasn't how I wanted it,
I suppose it wasn't for you either,
But there was still the spark to crush,
That joined us from the start,

Now the sky is spitting,
Spitting in my face,
I feel as if you are too,
And I weep heavily into my hands,

Still the roses lie,
On that pile in the yard,
We were both so happy,
To leave each other then,

But what is this now,
Is this the happiness I've found,
Are you feeling the same,
Are you out in your back yard?

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