Hallway Of Closing Doors

We sat alone, a block of ice
Melting in the sun
Our love growing weaker, as we waited
For the end to come

You used to bring me flowers, to show me the way you did feel
But now the ashes of those roses, lay scattered in the field
The thoughts of your face, your skin so silky to the touch
I think of you all the time, and punish myself so much
For it was your guidance, that led me to be so poor
You led me to an empty room, that bore only an unopened door

The feelings that I felt
The love was all for you
But now there is only sorrow
When I think of my love so true

There used to be a blue light, shining in the dark
But you doused my immortal flame and spat upon the spark
Still I lie awake at night, thinking of what could have been
And still I drive myself to despair, as I think of you now
          as I thought of you then ...

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