I, Erebus

Another junction of frustration
Discovered along this highway
Of solitude and despair
Steering wheel wet
With the perspiration of anticipation
As dusk mottles to moonless night

Quaking in the cabin's stillness
Seeking out old gods
To molest them in mental masturbation
But moments of emotion trickle by so fast
Blending seamlessly into one another
As none alone may survive

Lying coiled and suppressed
Like high tensile insinuations
These demon spirits taunt
Passing on the path
Rushing to a rendezvous
An appointment within time itself

Oncoming headlights so bright
I just have to hide
In my own private epilepsy
Wishing away the days
In place of lingering dreams
Shadow dances turned kumate

Condensation smears the screen
Like the bottom of a midnight pint
Empty now as lights dim
Hurtling toward closing time
These spacious worlds collide
Like a square rock through the round window.

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