Inn Con Cist Tent Sea

A narrow gap in the pass,
An arrow gap in the castle,
A mark stamped in the cast,
A stamp marked on the parcel,

I think and I have thought,
I drink and thus have drunk,
Or is that drink and drought,
And therefore think and thunk,

To hear, now here, is heard,
Hair of the hare in the tail,
But a bear, now bare is not beard,
Barely enough beer in this tale,

You may rein in, it may rain on,
But only a ruler may reign,
Just like a railway teacher,
Only a train trainer may train,

Must you sit down to sit up,
Or stand up to stand down,
If you flood a room with light,
Will you really drown,

Flammable and inflammable,
Surely they must oppose,
As similar as they are the same,
Only the nose really knows,

Now two can go in tow,
And toe can go in too,
But sheep is not to me,
Like the ram is to ewe,

So yeah in and year out,
I strain to locate in the bumf,
But too weak from two weeks,
To rhyme a word with month.

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