Go softly as the rain falls
So I donít hear your foot falls
In the corridor

Be careful not to shake me
The light you shine will wake me
In the corridor

The memories on my mind
And the warm space you leave behind
Donít bother me

The shadow of your body form
And the smell of your uniform
Donít bother me

I fool myself about you leaving
I think I still hear your breathing
And it comforts me

I know it has to be this way
I understand the kind words you say
And it comforts me

I hear your car in the drive
Night has fallen as you arrive
I wait for you

You gently swing shut the door
And step quietly across the floor
I wait for you

My sleepy eyes awake to you
My longing arms reach for you
Just hold me now

Your tender kisses smother me
Your gentle words uncover me
Just hold me now

Our dark desires burn aflame
I hear your whispering my name
Iím in love with you

I hear the words you softly speak
You love me and I feel so weak
Iím in love with you, nocturne .....

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