North And South

Each day I travel North and South
Across this great divide
With only the torture of the journey
And no one by my side

Some days the sun may try to shine
But each hour can bring rain
Though the storm clouds may be distant
I hear the thunder all the same

Into the valley of the shadows
I wandered long ago
I have lost the path I followed in
And there’s no way out I know

Sometimes if I look straight up
I catch a glimpse of blue skies
But the darkness returns so quickly
And like a waking dream it dies

By chance I meet a traveller
With warnings to beware
For dogging every forward step
Are the bloodhounds of despair

We glance at each other mournfully
Knowing the burden and the shame
For every weary step we take
The destination has no name.


     “I hear those stupid people
      talk about you again
      I just have to laugh to keep from hurting bad
      their simple minds just cannot seem to understand
      you are neurotic and depressed
      that doesn’t mean that you’re sad”

      - ‘Normal Like You’ by Everclear

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