Pressgang Pete

Pressgang Pete got to his feet
With evil swimming in his smile
He staggered and he swaggered
He had no idea of style
His foul breath, that reeked of death
Like his cudgel black and mean
Hung in the air bleeding dark despair
Waiting to fall fast and keen

As he rose to leave, blood upon his sleeve
He waved drunkenly to Mal
Mal was his man and as to plan
He called out a harsh farewell
Like moth to flame to play the game
Several pairs of eyes did follow
They'd seen our Pete, his purse fat and sweet
And all the beer that he did swallow

So Pressgang Pete hit the street
The cobbles rough under his boot
And like boats inside waiting for the tide
Our villains thinking of his loot
Each drained his glass with one pass
And headed for the door
Old Mal he saw them but did ignore them
He knew too well the score

Out in the night with little light
Waiting on the dock was Pete
Cutpurse and thief light as a leaf
Stole down the empty street
Not a sound was made from drawn blade
As our crew did spy their prize
Pete looking drunk sat on a trunk
But it was they who were surprised

For every sod that ever prayed to God
To take back wrong they'd done
Pressgang Pete had harshly beat
Scum such as these one by one
To their advance Pete's shifting stance
Betrayed his evil plan
And as they came, thinking he was lame
He beat them unconscious to a man

Pressgang Pete was never neat
He left blood and bruises in his wake
But he took pride in every stride
That he took for business' sake
You'll be a slave to wind and wave
He shouted to his victims five
The Navy you'll serve, get what you deserve
If you can find a way to stay alive.

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