In the dead of night
Waking dreams catch
Slumbering imagination
It's then I hold you again
In shadowy embrace

Real enough
To fool yet somnolent sense
This form pressed to my heart
Even breath across my cheek
Hair spilled 'cross my shoulder
Real enough

Long lost smile
Returns awkward to me now
Clumsily it takes shape
However reluctant
We've been fooled before
My smile and I

Some recessed logic
Clangs aloud its alarm
Ignored with demon ferocity
In my status and locus quo
Eternity unfolds across
These darkened thresholds

Moments after waking
I'm easily convinced
That you've risen just now
Your movement did wake me
And the pillow beside me
Still warm

Shallow breaths
Focused on your picture
Hand searching the space
Finding the warmth belongs
To nightly escaped tears
You can not return.

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