Social Gathering

My disfranchised entrance to this milieu went all but unannounced
Excepting your acerbic greeting that did little to enthuse

Not sure why you noticed me at all as I stood ringing my leperís bell
My cynicism questions that I am enticed into your specious circle

So there you stand with your anorexic alliances and diabetic sympathies
Commenting on contemporary affairs with your austere admirers

The haute couture of your beliefs belies the weight of your conviction
But you bludgeon us nonetheless without pause for forethought or invitation

So too I stand with my model conformity trapped inside my glass
And watch your tepid disdain as it ebbs so slowly away

The misanthropic contortionist contributions that I make
Fall far from your ears ending up in the ashtray of your cognisance

A digression from the cut and thrust of your political debate
And I catch you spying upon my exposed insecurities

So I saunter off to wallow alone in a quagmire of self indulgence
But still you whittle away at my soul with your razor indecision

I watch the ceiling ogres lurch in a disjointed fashion
While their tormented and garbled hysteria oozes deep into my head

Sitting silent with a sense of some misinterpreted disposition
Gathering rest only when my own juxtaposed reality dreams of sleep itself

From hence I awake to the glare of a self imposed substitution
Lately only to find the synthetic sunrise itself disappointed and unavailable

Another lounge suit soaked in smoke and a shirt one button less
The languorous car park now appealing despite its chilly manifestation

So what can I deduce save that I am some part time pawn
A portable arm to hang off and save you from social hyenas

What acceptance of the situation I concoct to save my own pride
Bears no resemblance to the gun that shoots my own foot once more.

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