To Catch A Thief ...

You stole back my emotions
Using sunny summer memories
Like a subtle thief of romance
A pirate on my heartís open seas

You lead me through a fairytale
Of meadow lands and unicorns
But as your rose began to bloom
I noticed blood dripping from the thorns

You tried to convince me
That you had changed your ways
But you make up the rules
To a game that no one plays

A clouded stormy history
Where your thunder ruled my life
I'll not return to that again
Balanced on your black steel knife

You reminded me of happiness
In strange forgotten interludes
But that was just ideal fantasy
A banquet spread with foreign foods

And now your rain is dancing
Once again on my doorstep
But I was paralysed in my enactment
On the stage of a play I can't forget

You stole back my emotions
Last night, but that was all ...

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