Twisted Plot

Was it anger or fear I felt
That made me drive on by
I hadn’t seen her in years
There was no logical reason why

She’s not the first I loved
And not the best love for me
But something tore and died inside
When she said “This is how it has to be.”

She walked out of my life
On that very same day
No reason why she left
And no reason for her to stay

And now here she is again
Standing, waiting for the bus
And I pretend I don’t know her
Still hurt by the loss of us

Her face filling my thoughts
I tried to rationalise
The emotion deep inside
That screams and kicks and cries

Feeling more the fool
As I watch her in the mirror
Her soft glow fading slowly
As her image is getting smaller

Was it anger or fear I felt
As I drove past so slow
We could have talked, this once
I guess I’ll never know …

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